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Balinese Spa Therapy Close To Soho with 7 Bali Spa

Craving an escape from the hustle and bustle of Soho? Seeking deep relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of London’s vibrant entertainment district? Look no further than 7 Bali Spa, your haven for authentic Balinese and Thai massage therapies, conveniently located just moments away. Step away from the energy of Soho and immerse yourself in a world of tranquillity, where ancient traditions meet modern expertise to create a truly transformative experience.

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Why Choose Us in 7 Bali Spa

At 7 Bali Spa, we are passionate about preserving the integrity of Balinese and Thai massage traditions. Our highly trained therapists hail directly from Bali and Thailand, bringing their expertise and cultural knowledge to every treatment. We use only natural oils and products, ensuring a holistic and authentic experience. Beyond the massage, we offer a serene and welcoming environment designed to transport you to a world far from the Soho streets. Luxurious fabrics and natural materials like wood and bamboo create a warm and inviting atmosphere, reflecting the beauty of Balinese and Thai design.

Local Expertise

London boasts a vibrant Asian heritage, evident even in the heart of Soho. From the delicious Thai flavours of Gerrard Street to the hidden gem of Soho’s Korean Cultural Centre, the district offers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of Asian cultures. 7 Bali Spa is proud to be a part of this vibrant cultural landscape, offering a unique opportunity to experience authentic Balinese and Thai massage traditions right on your doorstep.

Picture of Our Local Expertise by 7 Bali Spa
Picture of Why Choose Us at 7 Bali Spa by 7 Bali Spa

Our Services in London

Our comprehensive menu of massage therapies caters to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking deep relaxation after a long day, an artist looking to loosen tight muscles and enhance creativity, or simply someone experiencing stress in the heart of Soho, we have a treatment for you. Each massage is tailored to your needs and goals, ensuring a truly personalised experience. Here’s a glimpse into the transformative treatments that await you at 7 Bali Spa:

Balinese Massage: Experience the signature massage of Bali, known for its long, flowing strokes, acupressure techniques, and aromatherapy with calming essential oils to promote deep relaxation and stress relief.

Thai Massage: Indulge in a unique blend of assisted stretching, acupressure, and yoga-like postures to enhance flexibility, range of motion, and joint health. This invigorating massage is ideal for those seeking to improve their performance or increase their overall well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage: Enhance your massage experience by adding essential oils, each with unique therapeutic properties tailored to your specific needs. Choose from calming essential oils like lavender for relaxation or invigorating options like rosemary to boost energy levels.

Deep Tissue Massage: Target tension and chronic pain areas with a powerful massage that loosens tight muscles and promotes healing. This massage is ideal for athletes, those experiencing chronic pain, or anyone seeking a more targeted approach to relaxation.

Reflexology: Focus on pressure points in the feet believed to correspond to different organs and systems in the body for a holistic approach to well-being. Reflexology can help to improve circulation, reduce stress, and promote overall relaxation.

Couples Massage: Reconnect and unwind with your loved one in a shared massage experience designed to promote relaxation, intimacy, and a deeper connection. This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy quality time together.

Take A Step Towards Well-Being

Escape the ordinary and experience the transformative power of authentic Balinese and Thai massage traditions in the heart of Soho. Book your appointment at 7 Bali Spa today and rediscover a sense of tranquillity amidst the vibrant energy of the district. Visit our website at or call us to learn more and embark on your well-being journey. Let us help you unwind, recharge, and reconnect with yourself in our sanctuary inspired by the beauty of Southeast Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage in Soho

What are the benefits of getting a massage in Soho?

Soho’s fast-paced environment can leave you feeling stressed and tense. Massage therapy offers a variety of benefits, including relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, and increased flexibility. A massage at 7 Bali Spa can help you unwind from the hustle and bustle and return to your day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Can therapeutic massage help with specific problems in Soho?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a performer experiencing muscle soreness or an office worker dealing with neck and shoulder tension, therapeutic massage at 7 Bali Spa in Soho can be tailored to address your specific needs. Our therapists can use various techniques to target areas of tension and promote healing.

Is Balinese massage a good choice for relaxation in Soho?

Balinese massage is perfect for deep relaxation! This traditional technique utilises long, flowing strokes, acupressure, and aromatherapy to relieve stress and tension. At 7 Bali Spa in Soho, you can experience this tranquil treatment, leaving you feeling centred and rejuvenated.

What should I know before booking a massage in Soho?

No special preparation is needed for a massage at 7 Bali Spa in Soho. However, wearing loose, comfortable clothing can enhance your experience. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, it’s always best to consult your doctor before getting a massage. Our therapists can also discuss any concerns you may have during your consultation.

Getting To 7 Bali Spa From London’s Diverse Stops

Via Buckingham Gate/B323


  1. Head north on Buckingham Gate/B323 toward Butler Pl (0.3 mi)
  2. Turn right onto Spur Rd (0.1 mi).
  3. Turn right onto The Mall (0.2 mi).
  4. Turn left onto Marlborough Rd (0.1 mi).
  5. Next, follow A4 to Albemarle St:
  6. Turn left onto A4 (0.1 mi).
  7. Continue straight onto St James’s St/A4 (0.1 mi).
  8. Finally, continue on Albemarle St. Take Dover St and Berkeley Square to Davies St in Mayfair:
  9. Continue straight onto Albemarle St (407 ft).
  10. Turn left onto Stafford St (174 ft).
  11. Turn right onto Dover St (407 ft).
  12. Dover St turns left and becomes Hay Hill (266 ft).
  13. Turn right onto Berkeley Square (282 ft).
  14. Turn right to stay on Berkeley Square (0.1 mi).
  15. Slight left to stay on Berkeley Square (203 ft).
  16. Continue straight onto Davies St (492 ft)1 at the roundabout.


  1. Head north on Davies St toward Brook’s Mews (410 ft).
  2. Turn left onto Brook St (0.1 mi).
  3. Turn right onto Duke St (0.2 mi).
  4. Turn right onto Wigmore St/A5204 (0.2 mi).
  5. Turn left onto Wimpole St (0.2 mi).
  6. Turn left onto New Cavendish St (302 ft)


  1. Head south on Welbeck St toward Bulstrode St (0.2 mi).
  2. Turn left onto Wigmore St/A5204 and continue to follow A5204 (0.4 mi).
  3. Turn right onto Wells St (0.2 mi).
  4. Continue onto Berwick St (0.2 mi).
  5. Turn right onto Broadwick St (322 ft).
  6. Turn right onto Poland St (75 ft)


  1. Head northwest on Poland St toward D’Arblay St (469 ft).
  2. Turn right onto Noel St (259 ft).
  3. Turn right onto Berwick St (167 ft).
  4. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto D’Arblay St (184 ft).
  5. Turn left onto Wardour St (410 ft).
  6. Continue onto Berners St (387 ft).
  7. Turn right onto Eastcastle St (272 ft).
  8. Turn right onto Newman St (98 ft).
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